About Craftybadger

The name "Inthecanphotography" comes from the film days when the film was in the can then all was done. For me it's about getting the capture in the camera. I live in the county of Cornwall in the UK, it's wonderful, fantastic coastlines and vistas. The opportunities for photographers is so vast, I've been photographing for well fifty years using film, developing and printing under red light to stop light spoiling the images before the magical chemicals had done their work, using massive enlargers to portray the image onto light sensitive paper. oh thank you for the digital age its much more convenient, my aim is to keep introducing and promoting Cornwall through my images, thank you for looking on my site, I encourage you to learn photography, any camera will bring rewards.

This site has 1933 awards from Top Photographers, in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France and the Russian Federation. 2200Likes, 1800 Peer Awards, 6300 Photo Views. Thank You All.